Getting Current

Presented by Phil de Tournillon & Peter Davidson of Current Systems

Original Presentation Date: January 12th, 2022

Water-current for swim resistance or lazy-river relaxation is becoming a key component of many new watershapes - both commercial and residential. This introductory webinar will prepare designers and builders for the client conversations that can make or break the water-current upgrade that will bring your clients decades of joy while increasing your bottom line. Leading the way with unique variable speed high-flow low-head pump technology is Current Systems, Inc. with their Riverflow pump systems which are highlighted within this training seminar.

  • More details on systems like these are available in CONSTRUCTION 4111: Advanced Watershape Construction and ENGINEERING 4311: Advanced Fluid Engineering Workshop.

1:00 hour -Watershape University is authorized by IACET to offer 0.1 CEUs for this program.

CEUs are awarded for successfully logging completion of this webinar through the course curriculum page after viewing the lecture. Further instructions for registering your completion of this course are posted on the course curriculum page below the webinar recording.


  1. Recognize the need for current in residential and commercial environments.
  2. Identify the proper equipment to achieve the appropriate current needed.
  3. Design in a way to deliver optimal current.
  4. Justify Riverflow Pumps by Current Systems as the way to add current to residential and commercial environments.

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