Watershape University (WU) is the result of decades of combined experience among some of the industry’s most accomplished professionals and educators. Our courses are designed to provide crucial knowledge for each student through detailed examination of technical, artistic and business disciplines.

The Watershape University Portal

The University Portal is WU's unified academic records and contact system. Log in HERE using the same email address as online.watershape.org (this site).

  • Instant access and updates to all online education course records
  • On-demand downloads and printing of CEU proof/certificates of completion
  • Easy upload of equivalency credits/transcripts
  • Continued access to downloads and links for badges and credentials, and information about which badges or credentials you might qualify for
  • Editable personal profiles so all of your displayed contact information and company information can be kept up to date
  • Member roster and individual member pages to display business website/contact info and personal badges/credentials
  • Company profiles that can be linked to every member of your organization.

Free Weekly Webinars

Join the Wolfpack and our network of pool industry professionals every Wednesday at 3pm EST/Noon PST for a free hour-long webinar on a range of topics.

Work towards credentials

Complete courses and acquire a variety of valuable Watershape badges and credentials.

Our Engagement Partners

We want to take a moment to thank all of our corporate engagement partners, without whom none of this would be possible. Please visit our Engagement page for more information.