Course Description, Learning Outcomes, and Course Requirements

Construction 2111

Essential Pool Construction


In this information-rich course, students work through 22 modules of online, on-demand lecture and instruction, carefully examining the key elements of swimming pool construction with a focus on how basic engineering directly determines construction methods and details.

Section One defines basic engineering, Section Two describes key construction phases including layout, forming, utilities, safety barriers, shotcrete, waterproofing, tile and coping, all with an eye toward exceeding standards and best practices. The program concludes with Section Three, in-depth examinations of concrete decking, plaster science and start-up methods.


  1. Define engineering disciplines: geotechnical, hydraulic, structural and electrical.
  2. Examine project layout, form design/construction, shotcrete application and waterproofing measures.
  3. Identify artisan points: tile and coping, decking, plaster preparations, cementitious finishes, materials science.
  4. Discuss start-up procedures, punch-list execution and project conclusion/hand over.


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  • The full manual is available to download as a PDF below.
  • Individual chapters of the manual are also available as PDF downloads as part of each module.


  1. Read all twenty-two (22) chapters of the Essential Pool Construction Manual
  2. View all recorded lecture sections of each of the twenty-two modules
  3. Successfully pass each post-module review quiz


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