An Effective Communication System

Original Presentation Date: October 26th, 2022

Presented by Keith Ferrin

We all know that improving communication would improve everything. Team morale. Effective marketing. The bottom-line profit. We also know that systems make thing better. Whether you’re designing software, building a car, or coaching little kids at soccer practice, a system will make you more effective and more efficient. When it comes to our communication – meetings, emails, presentations, sales calls, etc. – most of us don’t have a system. In this session, we’re going to change that!


  • Define the four key steps of the Complete Communication System™.
  • Explain how simplifying your purpose before planning content saves time and increases effectiveness.
  • Illustrate how to make meetings and email more effective – for the planner and the attendee.
  • Break down what clutters a presentation (and how to make your message crystal clear).

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