Course Description, Learning Outcomes, and Course Requirements

Engineering 2311

Essential Fluid Engineering


The importance of understanding the mathematics of hydraulic watershape design cannot be overstated. It is an essential element in every type of watershape system. In this detailed class, students are immersed in hydraulic principles and applied science needed to design efficient, durable and serviceable circulation systems.

In the ONLINE, ON-DEMAND course, students work through 16 hours of lecture, demonstration, and reading and complete end-of-unit quizzes.


  1. List key fluid engineering concepts including area, volume, volume, depth, mass, flow rate, pressure, velocity, energy, head pressure and others.
  2. Apply basic hydraulic principles, guidelines, standards and code limitations to watershape design.
  3. Discuss efficiency principles including total dynamic head (TDH), electrical efficiency, energy costs and heating efficiency.
  4. Practice using apps for pipe sizing and other key calculations.


  1. Read all chapters of the Essential Fluid Engineering Manual
  2. View all recorded lecture sections of each of the twelve modules
  3. Successfully pass each post-module quiz


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